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Tooth care for children

Dr. Surbhi Arora is definitely a best choise in case you are looking for Pediatric Dentist or Dentist for Kids in Dwarka. This dental clinic is equipped with extra chair specially for kids and other advance equipments necessary to care of Dental problems related to kids and teenagers.

Many times, as parents, we are confused about the right oral care regimen for our children. There are lots of doubts like what is the proper way of brushing their teeth, since when should we start brushing in children, which toothpaste is the most important etc.? Taking care of your child's teeth is definitely a necessary evil, tricky yet very important. A little awareness would go a long way in easing these anxieties.

The oral care regimen should begin as soon as the first tooth erupts in the baby's mouth. Most parents believe that brushing should be started when almost all of the milk teeth have erupted, but at times it is too late by then and cavity formation begins in some teeth. It is best to wipe the baby's milk teeth with a soft piece of cloth twice a day, especially before sleeping. A soft baby brush can be introduced and the baby should be encouraged to play with it. The amount of toothpaste should be very less because babies usually ingest it.

Toddlers have a tendency to emulate what their elders are doing, so ensure that your child sees you while you brush your teeth and hence accepts brushing as a necessary part of daily routine. Till the time the child is unable to brush properly, parents should brush the child's teeth. There are a lot of child friendly oral care products like finger brushes, powered toothbrushes etc which are available and can aid in effective cleaning of teeth. Finger brushes work exceptionally well in case of a difficult-to-handle toddler.

In these times when an array of processed food is available, the role of rinsing in oral care is highlighted. The child should be encouraged to rinse after munching between-meal-snacks, though it is ideal to limit the intake of such snacks. Regular intake of milk and milk products as well as calcium supplements helps in healthy tooth formation.

The most important part is the introduction of the dentist to the child. The dentist should always be introduced as a friend, not as somebody to be scared of. Usually parents use "the fear associated with going to a doctor" as a means to discipline the child. This attitude is totally wrong and it backfires in many ways.

If and when the child has to actually go and see the doctor they are scared, anxious and uncooperative. The parents should talk positively about dentist and dental treatments so that the child is also influenced positively. Regular dental checkups prevent the development of dental problems. Prevention is especially important in kids because there is nothing more harrowing than getting a painful tooth treated for all concerned: the parents, the dentist and especially the child.

In case of any doubt relating to an oral lesion or cavity in your child's teeth feel free to consult your dentist. If simply consulting your dentist prevents or reduces future dental problems then the reward is all yours because if there is any sight more beautiful than a smile in the world it is the healthy, happy smile of a child

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